“If you think about the universe and how grand that is, and how short our lifetime is, in that, it’s like a second in the universe, so as if you’re not going to do what you like to do - why would you waste your time doing anything else?”

 Sidney Teodoruk - 2019


Sidney Teodoruk (formally known as Brad Teodoruk) is an artist of contrasts. Using every visual device at his disposal, he weaves strange narratives drenched in dichotomous imagery and text, then obscures large areas in swathes of block-colour, inviting the viewer to fill in the blanks. Nostalgic, childhood objects are randomly scattered throughout fractured, neo-expressionist scapes, simultaneously evoking feelings of playfulness and unease.

For Teodoruk, opposing forces are clearly a point of confusion, contention and humour. Heavy, dense concepts such as religion or the prison system are contrasted with subjects of either physical or metaphorical lightness - a beach ball, a bird, the sky...

Teodoruk uses the language of juxtaposition to explore the way he perceives both the world and himself.