March saw D’Stassi Art exhibit a private view of Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz works made exclusively for the gallery. 15 new works have been brought over, fresh from Angel’s studio in New York for the private view that opened on March 6th 2023. The collection shows Angels' continued practice as one of the original New York Street Artists, and is a playful, brightly coloured body of work. Later this month D’Stassi will launch Angel’s first print-run in over a decade. Alongside this, D’Stassi will host a party at the gallery on 27th April where editions of the print will be available for purchase before full release.


Updates from our roster.

Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz

A 1983 collaboration work by Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz and Keith Haring features in the City as Studio exhibition at K11 MUSEA in Hong Kong. The work, Untitled, is a 3-metre spray paint on wood that combines the two artists' signature glyphs.


Exhibit69 has recently released a collection of limited edition hoodies which have been in high demand before public release, being purchased and supported by the likes of Micah Ritchards, Daniel Sturridge and Poet.

Adam Handler

Group Show Twice Upon a Time at Gallery 46 in London 3rd -12th March & SR Gallery in Brussels 24th March- 2nd April.

Showing at Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary, an international art fair at the Palm Beach County Convention Centre on Thursday, March 23 and running through to Sunday, March 26 2023. His work is being exhibited by Madelyn Jordan Fine Art of Scarsdale, New York who specialise in emerging and mid-career contemporary artists.

Sidney Teodoruk

Exhibiting at a group show ONE at North Gallery, Melbourne alongside Australian contemporary artists including Arthur Boyd. The show opens March 24th.


A 2015 collaboration between artists Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz and STIK titled Statue of Liberty sold for £35,000.00 (with fees) at auction this month.


Art Market News.

London Auction Results.

Christie’s London auction 20th and 21st Century evening sale achieved a staggering £106.1 million after selling 64 lots on February 28th 2023. The sale saw seven artists achieve new records including ultra-contemporary artists Michaela Yearwood Dan, Caroline Walker and NFT artist Tyler Hobbs. The success of Hobbs’ sale could potentially suggest a return of confidence to the NFT market.



Sotheby’s London Modern & Contemporary evening sale saw similar success, with 58 lots sold for £147 million on March 1st 2023. The evening sale saw five lots sell for over £15 million - more than any other Sotheby’s London sale since 2015. The night started off with The Now, a 20-lot offering of ultra-contemporary works which saw 7 artists reach new records. This, paired with similar success at Christies, shows a continued confidence in the ultra-contemporary market.


Art Price Report.

In the wider art market, ArtPrice have just released their 2022 report of the global art market. We have compiled the most exciting highlights below;

The British art market has restored to pre-pandemic levels - with more than $2.1billion (£1.7 billion) sold at auction during 2022.

The contemporary evening auction held at Sotheby’s New York on 16th November 2022 had the 7th highest turnover of the year. 36 lots sold, reaching a total of $269,068,700 (£219,062,282). The artworks on offer, capture the seismic shifts that occurred in art during the latter half of the 20th century. Works featured in the auction include those made by some of the biggest names in contemporary art including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The success of this auction highlights the continued strength and popularity of contemporary art.


The report also found that for the first time over 1 million lots were presented at auction, stating that the ‘market has never been so dense.’ Of those presented, 704,747 lots sold, up 4.7% from the previous year, and is an annual record.


Find the full report here



Saatchi Yates - Bijijoo.

D’Stassi Art have been following the career of American online sensation Bijijoo for several years. We are so pleased to see his inaugural exhibition at Saatchi Yates, London, that opened March 16th 2023. Bijijoo creates large-scale, zoo-like colourful monsters inspired by his daughter's imagination. He has grown a cult following on TikTok since joining the platform in May 2021.


K11 MUSEA - City as Studio.

City as Studio is the first major art exhibition taking place in Hong Kong at K11 MUSEA. The exhibition traces the history of street art from its creation in New York in the 1970’s to the current day superstars such as KAWS. The curator of the exhibition, Jeffery Deitch, also organised Art in the Streets for The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles in 2011, which is still the most attended show in the gallery's history. Deitch considers City as Studio as an update on his earlier exhibition. His connection to the street art movement extends back to the 1980’s, where he brought New York graffiti legends, Dondi White, ZEPHYR and Futura, to make murals for I Club in Hong Kong.

City as Studio features over 100 works by more than 30 artists including John-Michel Basquiat, Lady Pink and Keith Haring X LA II. It runs until May 28th 2023.


To find out more, please see here.


Featured Artist.

Exhibit69 - Renaissance Collection.

Introducing a brand new and highly anticipated collection from D'Stassi Art artist Exhibit69. With these works Exhibit69 has worked on classic renaissance originals that he has picked up in his travels around the world. The works come framed in their original gold leaf frames but now pop with classic contemporary popular culture references. These include cartoon characters, film titles and also his classic comic book esque quotes.


Nobody Cares.

“This is one of many pieces In a series that I created Using reclaimed vintage Renaissance art to visit Vivid memories of carefree & Nostalgic times prior to the Trauma that I would later Face. The care bears and pinocchio Are used to examine the Behaviour patterns of Narcissism and distress in Society. Reminding you to Stop complaining and sort Out your affairs as nobody Fuckin cares.” - Exhibit69


Fight Club.

“This is one of many pieces, in a Series I created, using reclaimed Vintage renaissance art to visit Vivid memories of carefree & Nostalgic times prior to the Trauma that I would face. Later in Life. As a child, I loved he-man, Fascinated by the storyline, good Versus evil. Like many men Managing depression and trauma, we Fight our inner demons daily Whilst the wolves lay in wait to Take advantage of your Vulnerabilities. Be careful what You wish for Characters from Popular culture Are used as a Warning of the Perils of crime, Greed, and Temptation, Prevalent in the World today.” - Exhibit69


View the full collection here