As in many creative endeavours, it takes a true lover of art to spot an emerging talent. Eventually, the market lets prospective buyers know who the big hitters are, but future accomplishment can be difficult to forecast. The success of any given artist depends on an inordinate number of variables, such as aesthetic trends, economic health, access to galleries and timing. 

Many professionals have dedicated decades of their lives to predicting the arc of rising artists. Roy Kahmann (Below), a respected photography gallery owner and photography magazine editor has done so with significant success. He spoke to LensCulture about what he looks for in emerging talent - noting, “A signature style, authenticity, a good work mentality, and of course, having the eye. It’s not just about looking for certain factors—it’s having a gut feeling about someone. Sometimes this can fail, but most of the time the result is something great.”



Art is, ultimately, concerned with beauty, form and creativity. These are difficult things to pin down but as Kahmann suggested, there’s usually an indescribable pull towards truly great work. Appreciation of art is universal, predicting market trends and patterns can be learned with time and commitment. If you are fortunate enough to buy an artist’s work before others catch on then you may be rewarded financially; however, you have also benefited from owning a work that you appreciate aesthetically in the meantime. 

If you are entering the art market for the first time, it may be wise to consult a gallery or collector. Their experience may help you to make the correct initial decision, upon which you can build your own collection. You can also visit galleries, exhibitions and museums to broaden your scope and spot emerging talent. Georgia Spray (Below), the founder of UK art platform Partnership Editions spoke to Forbes about confidence in judgement. “Art should be something for everyone to appreciate and too few realise that it's also something that they can own and collect,” said Spray, “Having worked in the art world for 5 years prior to starting Partnership Editions, it was clear how many people felt totally alienated by art and would be too intimidated to step into an auction house or gallery. Accessibility in the art world is not just about price - it's about breaking down these barriers in all senses and opening up the conversation. No one needs to be an expert - they just need to trust their instincts.”



In an industry that is becoming increasingly accessible, through social media, the internet and digital technologies - now is the perfect time to foster your appreciation of art. There has never been a more exciting time for young art lovers to start collecting; with a wide range of prices, accessible purchasing options and a widening of cultural representation. There really is something for everyone to connect with, and you may be the one to spot the next seminal artist.   

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Distassi Team