An Introduction to Some of Distassi Art’s Favourite Ones to Watch. Featuring Rose Madone, Endless, Malik Roberts, Bertrand Fournier, Justin Aversano and the Legendary Stik.

1. Rose Madone

Born in 1993, the French painter has rapidly emerged as one of the most exciting young talents in Europe. Now based in Barcelona, Madone’s work exudes emotion; her bold minimalist style lends itself to raw expression. Poetic and full of symbolism, her pieces provoke thought. We have followed Rose’s career with interest, as she continues to impress and evolve - exploring new styles and subjects.


2. Endless

A provocative purveyor of distinct street art, Endless is making a name for himself through his unique brand of social commentary. The UK based talent made a name for himself initially by using London’s walls as his canvas; using paint to remark on our fealty to consumption and brands. The buzz surrounding Endless’ impressive works, most notably ‘Lizzy Vuitton’ and ‘Chapel Nature’, has carried him onto the walls of galleries and celebrity homes - with iconic brands also seeking collaborations.  


3. Malik Roberts

Brooklyn native Malik Roberts, born 1990, is a multimedia artist who has a distinctive style - rooted in breaking down portraits and remaking them in his vision. Roberts’ pieces often draw on familiar, contemporary subjects - reflecting them in a visual world that drapes the every day in farce. His joyously engaging art has travelled all the way to the Vatican City, where Roberts presented his work ‘Crucifixion of a Blk Man’ to The Pope in person; it is now housed in the archive of The Vatican.