In the short time since their launch in 2017, D'Stassi Art have carved themselves an impressive niche in London’s thriving commercial art market.

A swift rise to prominence and a wide range of contacts in and out of the art world mean that D'Stassi Art are unquestionably a cultural force to be reckoned with.

From artists at the epicentre of the street and modern art scenes to prominent figures in the music, fashion and financial sectors, DA’s contact book situates them at the bubbling intersection of progress and reliability - the ideal place to connect collectors with celebrated artists and build successful collections of both primary and secondary market works for their clients.

What’s more - the business landscape of today suits D'Stassi Art perfectly. In a time where cultural relevance and profitability are inextricably linked, their ethos of honestly promoting and curating the work of cultural icons strikes a resounding note.



On Friday 23rd November, D'Stassi Art are taking the events space by storm. A collaboration with Blast Skates at the Hoxton Hotel promises to be a highlight in London’s cultural calendar.

DA assures a night of art appreciation and good times, as they showcase a few of their favourite artists to a crowd of London’s tastemakers and influencers. Heavyweight names such as Richard Hambleton, Crash, Futura and Daze are expected to be on show. These are artists that have already become major influences in the street art scene, legitmately cementing their place in art history.

Given the obvious connection between street art and skate culture, who better to pair this exhibition with than Blast Skates. Blast Skates are a brand who have rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. Their uniquely dynamic branding and design have started to make a mark on the skate and fashion scenes with recent collaborations including : Slam City Skates & Urban Outfitters.