Sidney Teodoruk: Our latest addition to the spotlight roster.

Sidney Teodoruk is a Sydney based artist who creates vibrant works that weave familiar objects, nostalgia, blocks of colour and a carefree sense of expression. His art is excitingly playful whilst also touching on subjects such as religion, society and reform. 

 Sidney Teodoruk Painting in his Sidney Studio


This juxtaposition is what makes Teodoruk one of the most exciting contemporary artists around. Speaking, the Australia based artist said: "In life, you'll find most things come in twos; Life/Death, Day/Night. Salt/Pepper.. It's the ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin & Yang. I've spent my entire life trying to find out who I am and to be honest it was a waste of time. Just create who you want to be. Create the art you want to see. Create the art you want to question and make others question too. The idiosyncratic way in which I work to explore the use of juxtaposition is the central theme for my work. It doesn't necessarily have to be stark or rigid and that's the beauty of art. It's free form and the art will tell me what to do so long as I'm in tune with it." 

 'Trouble' by Sidney Teodoruk. Available now in our Spotlight Store.


Sidney’s Spotlight collection marks his first solo exhibition in the UK, with a selection of colourful large scale canvas works, smaller original paper works and a limited lino print run.


The D'Stassi Art team.