After an incredible 2022, we have moved into the new year with the continuation of our first ever group exhibition ‘Spotlight’. We are now in the process of making the final touches to our 2023 programme. 


Updates From Our Roster


Adam Handler and Peter Opheim

  • Adam and Peter have a new group show entitled Warriors and Ghosts at GR gallery in NYC. Dates: 9th December - 14th January.

    Rose Madone

    • Rose just has had a stand out show with her Paris gallery David Pluskwa entitled L’Essence De La Memoire. Dates: 17th November - 17th December.

    David King Reuben

    • David King Reuben has announced a brand new series of works coming soon entitled - NEW GODS.

    Sidney Teodoruk

      Anthony Ronidnone

      • Anthony Rondinone has been commissioned to create a striking ‘Pac Man’ inspired canvas work for comedian Chris D’Elia.

       Art Market News

      2022 saw continued growth for the art market, with new records being broken globally. In May the most expensive 20th century painting ever sold at auction, Andy Warhol’s Shot Sage Blue Marilyn (1964) reached $195 million at Christie’s in New York. This growth extends to contemporary art, which now makes up 15% of the global art market, up from 3% in the year 2000 (Read More Here)


      Andy Warhol’s Shot Sage Blue Marilyn (1964) reached $195 million at Christie’s in New York.


      Surrealist art saw renewed interest at auction houses, art fairs and galleries globally through 2022 (Read More Here). This is of particular interest to clients of Peter Opheim’s work. Peter’s works are populated by the unconventional and provocative juxtaposition of a childlike imagination with adult thoughts and emotions.


      Peter Opheim, "Rainer (Forest Warrior)", 44" by 40", oil/canvas, 2022



      Featured Artist - Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz


      Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz painting in his studio, LES, NY. 2022.


      Our featured artist this month is Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz. Last September D’Stassi Art held Angel’s first international show in over 40 years ‘King of Hearts’. Ortiz’s career took off after Haring spotted his “Little Angel'' tag upon moving to New York and asked to meet the then-teenage artist. Throughout the ’80s, the two combined their signatures to create murals, sculptures, train paintings, and other objects. Ortiz’s style and technique are thought to have influenced Haring’s solo practice from then onward.

      Sorcery’ and ‘White Castle’ are a perfectly contrasting diptych that featured in the D’Stassi Art Solo show ‘King of Hearts’ and were made exclusively for the gallery. The pair are bold black and white canvases that center Angel’s iconic ‘LA II’ tag framed by his signature glyphs.

      Please contact the gallery if you would like more information on available works here.


      Centre: Angel 'LA II' Ortiz Sorcery, 2022, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 x 72 in, 152.4 x 182.9 cm, (DAAO014) + Angel 'LA II' Ortiz, White Castle, 2022, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 x 72 in, 152.4 x 182.9 cm, (DAAO015)


      All the best,

      The D’Stassi Art team.