June saw Wide-Eyed curated by Heather Bell close at D’Stassi Art.

November saw D’Stassi Art open our brand new storefront gallery, taking over the corner of Hoxton Street And Drysdale Street. The new space exhibits a collection of works from all artists on our roster and is open to visitors Mon-Thurs 11-7 and Fridays 10-4.

November also saw D’Stassi Art launch our latest print ‘Rabbit’ by London-based artist KOHLSEN. This is KOHLSEN’s debut print release and is expected to sell out very quickly.

Three artists from our roster, Adam Handler, Craig Keenan and KOHLSEN, all kindly donated works to the Help For Children charity auction which took place on November 16th. All three works sold above their estimates, with all proceeds going towards Help For Children grants that fund life-changing projects to support children.


Updates from our roster.

Angel ‘LA II’ Ortiz

Experience the captivating symphony of the artistic vision of New York graffiti and visual artist, Angel Ortiz (known as LA II), at Mucciaccia Gallery Project in Rome. See 19 distinct works merging Egyptian writing, ancient cave paintings, vintage colours and more, all capturing the rhythms of urban life that pulsate and move. Visit from November 30, 2023 to January 14, 2024.


Peter Opheim

Peter Opheim has appeared in a duo experience at ASKERI Gallery in Russia alongside artist Masah Rudenko. Delving deep into the realms of the human subconscious, both artists will take you on a journey through their distinct interpretations of the inner world - an exclusive experience that promises to be both moving and thought-provoking. Visit from November 10 to December 10 2023.


Harry Hugo Little

London-based artist, Harry Hugo Little, has been featured in a duo exhibition at Split Gallery, Bethnal Green. In ‘Paraffin’ His work is shown alongside Jesse Pollock, and explores the impermanent nature of time. Visit from November 23 to January 7 2024.

Art Market News

New York Auction Week


Auction week in New York saw the Big Three auction houses hold their evening marquee sales in November. Sotheby’s prevailed across four evening sales, hammering down a total of $ 936.5 million. They were followed by Christie’s who saw a total of $748.3 million and the Phillips, where the evening sale took in $155 million, their second-highest evening sale ever. Between the three houses, a total of $1.84 billion was made across all the sales.

The highest selling lot across all sales was the Picasso painting ‘Woman With a Watch’ (1932), which sold for $ 139.4 million. This is the second-highest result for the artist ever, as well as the highest selling lot of 2023 so far.


Spotlight Artwork

Casper Comic #102 by Trevor Andrew

As we approach the holidays, D’Stassi wants to Spotlight the positively adorable Casper Comic #102 by Trevor Andrew. First published in February 1957, the cover sees Casper cheerfully ice skating upon a frozen lake. Trevor has taken the image and tagged Casper with his famous GucciGhost G’s. We think this would make the perfect gift this Christmas!

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