For a hit of culture, head to these fabulous exhibitions across the capital
London is home to some of the world’s best art galleries, with collections that span centuries housed in buildings that are often masterpieces in their own right – which in turn means exhibitions are world-class. From classical to contemporary works by era-defining artists and movement-making revolutionaries to high-tech immersive experiences with visual effects and virtual realities, these are the shows inspiring the next generation and helping the city’s creative scene to flourish. We update this piece weekly with everything you need to know about London’s best upcoming exhibitions so you can stay in-the-know about culture in the capital in 2022.

Times New Roadman, Browns East Gallery

With his witty, satirical takes on modern society, Times New Roadman has until recently remained unintentionally anonymous. Now, the Bournemouth-based artist (aka Niall Gallagher) is – ironically, perhaps – going mainstream with a new showcase of 30 works at London Gallery Browns East. The first painting sold by Times New Roadman was one developed after he graduated from Bristol with a cheeky take on culture; a Penguin Classic of a downward-facing dog. Describing his work as “visual marmite”, he now shares a series of works with the world that capture current trends and attitudes, with hints to political occurrences. Expect "You're not ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ you just have £150 in crypto” and “The worst night of my life: Boxpark Shoreditch” to glare at you from the exhibition walls – whether you leave feeling lifted or attacked is to be decided.

Address: Browns East, 21 Club Row, London E2 7EY
Dates: Until Saturday 31st December 2022



Bob Gruen /

Bob Gruen and Leee Black Childers: Legendary Moments, D'Stassi Art

Delve into an undiscovered world this summer as a series of never-before-seen images from the 1970s rock and punk music scene, taken by photographers Bob Gruen and Leee Black Childers, arrive at D'Stassi Art. The exhibition provides a glimpse into a rapidly evolving scene characterised by aesthetic extravagance and hedonistic musicality. At a time when society was shifting its focus from established superstars such as Elvis and John Lennon to up-and-coming acts including The Sex Pistols and The New York Dolls, such stardom felt within reach of the ordinary person like never before and encouraged larger-than-life figures to come to the forefront – such as those captured in this collection. The scanned and restored snapshots are the result of years of searching through tapes. Expect to see a pre-blonde Debbie Harry, a young Michael Jackson and exclusive images of Elvis in the lead-up to his 1972 Madison Square Gardens in a showcase sure to ignite nostalgia.

Address: D'Stassi Art (Entrance on 12-18 Hoxton Street), Drysdale Street, London N1 6NG
Dates: Until Wednesday 31 August 2022

We are Queer Britain, Queer Britain

Having opened its Kings Cross base this summer, Queer Britain Museum is set to cement its status as a landmark of LGBTQ+ learning with a debut exhibition encompassing all aspects of queer history – 50 years since the UK’s first pride march. Over 100 years of history will be documented, with Oscar Wilde’s posthumously released 1897 letter from Reading Prison among the documents on display. Recently discovered erotic works by Duncan Grant and clothing from key moments will be on display; such as a rainbow hijab lent by Faizan Fiaz, and Olly Alexander’s 2019 Glastonbury rainbow performance outfit. A truly immersive experience, the exhibition will also house a virtual reality area with a state-of-the-art system designed to preserve the stories of key individuals, and a reading corner with a selection of books available to browse on shelves.

Address: Queer Britain, 2 Granary Square, London, N1C 4BH
Dates: Wednesday 20 July 2022 – spring 2023

Memory Gate Photography

Amy Judd's Efflorescence, 45 Park Lane

Head to 45 Park Lane this summer to cast an eye over Amy Judd’s largest collection of work ever displayed – 20 of the acclaimed artist’s creations will be on show. Judd’s paintings pop with vibrant colours, while her use of floral themes and feathers add depth to the imaginative pieces. On the walls, look into the souls of intriguing protagonists that come directly from the artist’s imagination, as they await an otherworldly transformation and appear to blossom.

Address: 45 Park Lane, 45 Park Lane, London W1K 1PN
Dates: Thursday 21 July – Tuesday 6 September

Angela Santana

Reconsidering the Power of the Female Painter, Saatchi Yates

Explore the exploration and rejection of the male gaze and fantasy at Saatchi Yates this summer as Zurich-born artist Angela Santana showcases a selection of her powerful work. Turning to the internet, Santana embraces it as her modern day muse and in doing so transforms the female body from object to subject. The mass of pornographic material available online influenced the collection, with works reflecting the demand for such a medium in society. This exhibition is described as space of protected female erotic representation; albeit a thought-provoking one breaking patriarchal traditions and stereotypes.

Address: Saatchi Yates, 6 Cork Street, London W1S 3NX
Dates: Until Wednesday 31 August


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