D’Stassi Art announces their upcoming exhibition with Olympic snowboarder-turned-multi-disciplinary artist Trevor Andrew.

Trevor Andrew, Bang Bang, 2023 Limited Print Series


Trevor “Trouble” Andrew, known for his Gucci Ghost work, is making his eagerly awaited UK debut with Bang Bang, a solo exhibition presented by D’Stassi Art. The Olympic snowboarder-turned-visual artist has drawn inspiration from his years in the Canadian countryside — its folk art scene and the Western aesthetic that transcends time and place.

For six years, he developed a body of work that challenges the typical portrayal of the Hollywood cowboy, reinterpreting nostalgic figures in fresh and thought-provoking manners. Combining his evolving journey and plethora of experiences, he draws on the contrast between his own childhood ideals of American culture with the realities he later faced living in the country, and unites his early love of skateboarding with his present day passion for art, music, and fashion.

Accompanying the Bang Bang collection will be pieces from Andrew’s Gucci Ghostproject — a multi-disciplinary, decade-long creative endeavour exploring the Gucci logo that landed him a 2016 collaboration with former Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

Discussing the exhibit, Trevor Andrew explained: “I’ve been working on this new series since 2017, diving deep into it during the pandemic and painting a diverse range of characters. The creative process behind this new work is intentionally abrasive, deconstructing established ideas and reconstructing them through the medium of spray paint. Skateboard culture has been a major influence, giving me the freedom to experiment and be creative.

Artists like Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain, and Ed Templeton from that scene have left a lasting impact on me. As for the Gucci Ghost project, it really put me on the map – but now I’m ready for new ideas. I’ll be bringing a Gucci Ghost room to the exhibition, to provide context and invite visitors to immerse themselves in that world. Excited to also be releasing a print drop as part of the show – it’s important for me to make art accessible and allow everyone to bring something special and inspiring into their homes. Can’t wait to share these creations with everyone and keep exploring new artistic paths.”

Bang Bang will be on view from August 11 to September, with an exclusive print series available on D’Stassi Art’s website as well.

Left: Trevor Andrew, Bang Bang at D’Stassi Art
Centre: Untitled, Spray Paint on Canvas, 2020, 72x60in
Right: Reece’s Pieces, 2020, Spray Paint on Canvas, 48x36in