Raphael's famous cherubs are the signature motif of the Milanese brand Fiorucci. Since 1967, when the brand took to the official American outfit of the times, consisting of “jeans and a tee”, the classic cheeky angels white tee was born.

This combination of classical Renaissance and fashion is what makes their latest collaboration even more fitting. Street artist Endless has adapted the two angels into a collection of T-shirts and skateboard decks, including limited edition denim jackets. Endless has reworked the angel design in the prints from a handmade stencil, with bigger wings all marked out with brightly coloured spray paint. At his recent release event, hosted by D'Stassi ArtGQ was lucky enough to meet Endless in his mask and get one of these shirts signed with his spray paint. There were also displays of his limited edition canvasses featuring fashion icons such as Winnie Harlow, Gigi Hadid and Georgia May Jagger all depicted in a modernised Renaissance style. Profits from these canvas prints will go towards the Create Arts charity, which is the UK’s leading charity improving lives through art.

"I collaborated with the fashion brand Fiorucci on a capsule collection of T-shirts and skateboards. I also had some artwork made specifically for the shop on show.

For me this collaboration made sense because of the history of art associated with the brand – their previous collaborations included Andy Warhol and Keith Haring in the Eighties."

The D'Stassi Art team.